Premium Dental Chews

 provide a tasty and unique approach to oral and digestive health.

KaNoodles Packaging

KaNoodles® Premium Dental Chews are available for adult dogs of all sizes with a variety of packaging options to fit your needs.


The crevices in each KaNoodles® chew increase tooth surface interaction and reaches deep down to the base of each tooth. This patented design helps clean teeth better than any chew on the market.

Made with wholesome grains, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids, this pasta-based chew is easily digested while providing nutrition that helps keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy.


The unique shape enhances tooth surface contact while the KaNoodles® flexibility offers maximum functionality.





  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Easily digested when swallowed
  • Made from wholesome grains
  • No preservatives, artificial color, added sugar or GMO
  • Research proven palatability
  • Available in 4 chew sizes



For more information on KaNoodles® please call: 1.715.231.1234